Productivity Hacks to Boost Remote Working

Productivity Hacks to Boost Remote Working

It has been over three years since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic and pushed people into remote work. While some companies have asked their employees to return to the office, others have decided to continue working from home. Some companies have developed a hybrid model where employees sometimes need to come into the office.

Whether working from home full-time or in a hybrid setup, it wouldn’t hurt to know how to boost your productivity when working remotely. If the right balance is found between life and work, an individual’s productivity can increase by as much as 10%.

Please note that since numerous companies prefer Macs as the primary remote working device, the article lists numerous tricks specific to Mac computers. Besides computer tricks, you will also find general tips that can help you work better. Let’s get started.

Share Documents as a PDF

You may prefer working in Excel or Word, but when sharing the document, converting it to PDF format is best.

The PDF file format is ubiquitous and compatible across devices and platforms. When you create a PDF file containing vector graphics, tablets, paragraphs, images, and more, the data will be displayed the same way, no matter which device or platform is used to view the file. Hence, the information is conveyed exactly the same way as you intend to. But the same is not true with Excel and Word documents. Sometimes, depending on the device or platform, these files change the formatting, and the data might not be displayed as you intended.

Also, creating PDF files is easier because they can be quickly shared or transferred. Moreover, you can protect your PDF file with a password so authorized individuals can only access the file.

What’s more, you ask? The PDF file format allows users to decrease the size by reducing the quality so that the file can be easily shared via email or messaging apps. You can compress the file using an online PDF editor or zip the file. Alternatively, you can extract PDF pages and only share the relevant pages with your colleagues or clients. You can get a walkthrough of extracting PDF pages using Preview or other third-party PDF editors on Setapp.

Set up Focus Modes

Distraction is a common problem. But distraction doesn’t always come in the form of family members or other patrons at the cafe. You might be distracted by all the alerts and notifications sent to you by apps installed on your computer. These apps will tempt you to leave your work and check out what they have to say. Fortunately, Apple offers an in-built feature called Focus. This feature keeps distractions at bay, and you can customize the different modes according to your tasks or activities. You can tinker with the settings and only allow emergency alerts to pass through while you are working. Similarly, you can create Focus modes for driving, sleeping, or working out.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Most users use trackpads or mice while performing an activity or working on their computers. But this isn’t the most efficient as it takes more time and effort.

All Mac users must consider memorizing and using keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will help speed up things so you can get things done quickly. Using shortcuts, you can perform multiple tasks like decreasing or increasing screen brightness, opening the Finder, copying and pasting items, etc.

You can also head to System Settings and tinker with trackpad gestures. The gestures can be customized to suit your working style. Moreover, you can create custom keyboard shortcuts.

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Besides Computer-Related Tricks to Boost Productivity, Check Out These Generic Tricks.

  • Create a dedicated work area

One of the biggest challenges when working from home or any remote location is avoiding distractions. Hence, you must select a location in your home where your job will not interfere with the lives of your loved ones. If you are working out of cafes, choose a quiet corner where you will be most focused.

Having a calm and quiet environment is essential for your productivity. This will also enable clear communication with your team members, especially if you must attend multiple conference calls throughout the day. Furthermore, invest in ergonomic furniture so you don’t develop back aches.

  • Include physical exercise in your routine

Once you have completed your daily tasks, you must spend some time outdoors. Inactivity is one of the most serious problems of remote work.

Walking and light jogging are the most practical exercises for energizing and increasing metabolism. Hence, remember to add physical exercise to your daily routine.

  • Take frequent breaks

Sitting long hours is not recommended. You must take frequent breaks while working so you can focus better. Follow the 20-20 rule, which also helps prevent eye strain.


Remote working can quickly become a burden if you don’t maintain a routine. If you let things easily distract you, you’ll struggle under the pressure of backlogs. Follow the hacks mentioned above to augment productivity and stay ahead.

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